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Kawatch – Lapcom’s Flagship Brand in Insurance Domain

Our flagship brand Kawatch is geared to protect not only brand new laptops, unlike the practise in the market, but also provides coverage to up to 3 years old gadgets. With our in-house servicing arm, we are well equipped to deliver quality service with no extra charges levied onto the customer. Along with better quality control, in-house servicing also ensures deliverance in reasonably shorter turnaround time.

Making its headway with both offline and online sales, Kawatch is also positioned to be one of the most preferred partners by virtue of its tieups with online giants such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Vintech Computers - Our Stronghold in Laptop Servicing

Lapcom values the importance of integral servicing expertise and our strategic move to acquire Vintech Computers is a major leap forward. Vintech has a strong foothold in the market for the last 12 years and has created goodwill with an extensive client base of more than 15,000 customers. Optimising the computing needs in today’s dynamic technology environment, Vintech is undoubtedly the pillar of strength of brand Kawatch.

Lapcom Times - B2B News, Views & More

Lapcom Times is a one-of-its-kind monthly journal which connects the B2B community of laptops. We cater to a wide readership ranging from peripherals retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, dealers and manufacturers to hardware spares, accessories and refurbish traders.

Here is a resourceful means to stay up-to-date with news and events related to the business. The periodical keeps a close eye on the latest market trends, innovations, policy matters and anything and everything to do with the domain of laptops. From featuring success stories of modest beginnings to interviewing the movers and shakers in the market, Lapcom Times is your window to the world of laptop business.

Poised to be the publicity and promotion arm of our brand, the periodical also showcases Lapcom Works’ latest offerings. You can also look forward to our Classifieds and Job Search columns for “news you can use” information.

In the pipeline is a biannual conference/event planned to cater to the who’s who of the laptop business. The event envisions being an interactive platform that brings together the entire laptop business community under one roof.

Editorial Queries

For any publication or editorial feedback and queries, please send an email to


For any publication or editorial feedback and queries, please send an email to

Lapcom TechSuit - An Effective Probing Mechanism

Whether it’s a human body or a motor vehicle or a laptop for that matter, each and every living or mechanical/electronic entity requires a specialised mechanism to examine its fitness and working condition. Lapcom TechSuit is a proprietary tool developed by Lapcom Works to diagnose the pre-existing defects in the older laptops in the process of determining if the gadget qualifies for coverage under the Kawatch insurance plan. Backed by the expertise of its established servicing business, Vintech Computers, Lapcom’s TechSuit is a finely-designed mechanism comprising all-inclusive features to probe into the working condition of laptops. Coming from the best-in-class business entity that has a decade-long experience in servicing and optimising desktops and laptops, the tool is an efficacious mechanism for examining the gadget.

TechSuit is our key tool, as an insurer, in eliminating the risks of insuring laptops that come with pre-existing faults and end up building liabilities for the company in the process. There are few such diagnostic tools available in the laptop servicing market. Lapcom Works proposes to market and sell TechSuit that will aid any servicing company to examine the condition of the hardware and software of laptop, thus ensuring a damage-free gadget to the end-user.

Kawatch Antivirus - A Robust Safeguard for Your Gadget

Malicious software not only slows down the system but also compromises the security of the gadget in more ways than one. At Lapcom Works, we completely understand the importance of an effective antivirus program, which is an imperative for the safety and protection of laptops. Kawatch Antivirus developed by Lapcom is offered to Kawatch subscribers as part of the welcome kit of the insurance plan to keep the insured laptops free from malwares and viruses.

Like TechSuit, Kawatch Antivirus will be eventually marketed and sold in the market.