Lapcom Works

We believe in upgrading with responsibility

E-waste is emerging to be one of the serious environment hazards of our times. At Lapcom Works, technology upgradation comes with a deep sense of social responsibility. We believe that a gadget deserves to be optimised to its best possible capacity before it is rendered unserviceable.

Who We Are

Lapcom Works Private Limited envisages being India’s best-in-class laptop insurance destination. In the post-warranty market scenario, replete with incomprehensive protection plans, Lapcom believes there is immense potential for providing a broad policy plan that offers a fair, secure and comprehensive coverage to consumers.

What We Do

Lapcom Works endeavours to offer an effective post-warranty coverage with its promising brand, Kawatch, backed by its robust and well-established servicing business, Vintech Computers. We strive to bring in a safe and secure maintenance system for laptop servicing in the current market where the post-warranty scenario leaves much to be desired. At a time when unauthorised and inept servicing centres are putting the gadget safety and security at high risk, Lapcom Works is committed to making a difference.

Kawatch – Lapcom’s Flagship Brand in Insurance Domain

Our flagship brand Kawatch is geared to protect not only brand new laptops, unlike the practise in the market, but also provides coverage to up to 3 years old gadgets.

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Vintech Computers -
Our Stronghold in Laptop Servicing

Lapcom values the importance of integral servicing expertise and our strategic move to acquire Vintech Computers is a major leap forward.

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Kawatch Antivirus
A Robust Safeguard for Your Gadget

Malicious software not only slows down the system but also compromises the security of the gadget in more ways than one. At Lapcom Works, we completely understand . . .

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Lapcom TechSuit
An Effective Probing Mechanism

Lapcom’s Techsuit is a diagnostic tool that aids any servicing company to examine the condition of the hardware and software of laptop, thus ensuring a damage-free gadget to the end-user.

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Our Team

Lapcom Works is a team of passionate professionals, inspiring each other and setting new standards of excellence.

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By choosing a career with Lapcom, you have an opportunity to embark on an inspiring journey in a fast-paced, creative environment.